Harmoni Non-Traditional Category Winner

Designer:             Lisa Tobias

Dealer:                  Tobias Design

Design Summary: The vision for this remodel project was to create a clean-lined, simplistic, calm palette environment that would be the quiet backdrop to updated texture and sheen. Modern cabinet door styles catered to the clean lines of this kitchen while Integrating walnut complemented other woods in the home. Mixing elements of stainless steel, glass-front doors, and a laminate made to look like concrete intermixed textures to add interest to the calm backdrop.

“The simplicity of this space evokes an overall calm yet there are surprises at every turn. There are elements of rustic, concrete-looking laminates juxtaposing the formality and elegance of the walnut wood,” says Lisa Tobias.

Learn more about Tobias Design located in Hopewell, NJ.

Lisa Tobias

We want to thank all of the talented kitchen designers within our national dealer network!

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