Introducing New Modern Texture Door Styles

Bentwood Modern Texture cabinetry in bathroom Photography by Joe Kramm
April 24th, 2024

A hot topic still trending throughout the global design community is modern texture utilized for Contemporary Design.  Textured surfaces are everywhere, both exterior and interior.  For luxury interior design applications, we see new products emerge with textures being applied to stone, metal, wallpapers, fabrics, and millwork.   

From some of our industry friends, there are exciting new product collections that celebrate modern texture.  

Cosentino                                                                                  Artistic Tile 

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Introducing Bentwood’s 4 New Door Styles Celebrating Modern Texture 

Bentwood Luxury Kitchens is also excited to introduce our new product series devoted to the most relevant textured productsWe believe these are the best-refined textures for custom cabinetry that support Contemporary Interior Design now and for the future.   

Lina Door Style 

Lina Door Standing up stylized
Photography by John Laning

The Lina door style celebrates soft reeded curves and exhibits many personalities based on wood and finish selectionsThis new door style is offered in both our Harmoni and Bentwood cabinetry lines.  

Photography by John Laning

A very contemporary point of view can be achieved when choosing a paint colorLina is shown here in Sherwin Williams Redend pointPick any Sherwin Williams paint color for your cabinetry and Bentwood will manufacture with our factory finish and include our limited lifetime warranty.  

Lina has an updated point of view shown here in walnut wood with Goldenrod stainWalnut is still very relevant as a luxury wood that clients request often. The lighter warm stains are here to stay along with white oak natural woods.  

Lina door style in walnut
Photography by John Laning

Sophia Door Style 

Sophia door style standing up and stylized
Photography by John Laning

The Sophia door style celebrates elegant, fluted pillars and really shines in painted lighter finishesThis new door style is offered in the Bentwood product line.    

Photography by John Laning

The Sophia door in Sherwin Williams Dutch Tile Blue shows a beautiful paint color that is considered neutral, offering a little color for current designs. 

The crafted paint and glaze finish Bleached Linen is always an elegant selection that is popular for bathroom and closet projects.   

Sophia door in white
Photography by John Laning

Grace Door Style

Photography by John Laning

The Grace door is all about the minimal frame style offering more than a slab contemporary doorIn addition, the frame is a repeating design element in the Modern Texture door styles—Lina, Sophia, and JunNow there is a complementing cabinetry door style just right for the open floor plans of todayThis new door style is offered in the Bentwood product line.    

Grace door style
Photography by John Laning

The Grace door featured above with Sherwin Williams Practical Beige shows a great choice for warm neutral interiorsThis door also looks fabulous in any wood and stain combination, plus has the opportunity for statement hardware.    

Jun Door Style 

Photography by John Laning

The Jun door style celebrates contemporary linear slats and was influenced by simplistic Japandi designAgain, depending on the wood and finish selections, there are many personalities of the Jun doorThis new door style is offered in the Bentwood cabinetry line.  

Jun door style
Photography by John Laning

The Jun door featured in rift-cut white oak with Pearl stain creates for a soft neutral selection

For a darker handsome selection, the Jun door is shown in rift-cut white oak with Seal stain.   

Photography by John Laning

Bentwood of Austin Showcase Features Jun Door   

Kitchen mockup in Bentwood showroom in The Marketplace ATX
Photography by Wade Blissard

Our newest showcase, Bentwood of Austin located in the Marketplace ATX features the Jun door located on the focal wall.  The modern texture was the right call for this Contemporary design for a hot market.   

Bentwood’s New Textured Door Styles Offer Another Level of Cabinetry Luxury

Grid of all four Modern Texture doors
Photography by John Laning

Designing new cabinetry products takes an enormous amount of research and development plus knowledge for how best to interpolate into cabinetry manufacturing.  Bentwood’s Modern Texture series brings refined texture into the luxury cabinetry world.   

We look forward to seeing the fresh designs with these new door styles from our national dealer network.  

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Introducing the Modern Texture Door Styles
Textured surfaces are everywhere, both exterior and interior. Bentwood’s Modern Texture series brings refined texture into the luxury cabinetry world.
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