Luxury Wine Refrigeration–For the Love of Wine

Wood kitchen cabinets with Column wine refrigerator Photography by Werner Straube
December 13th, 2023

It’s that time of the year again when much celebrating and holiday toasting among friends and family commences. For those who love wine, it is also about sharing a bottle for these special occasions when entertaining at home.  From a festive open house to a formal dinner, kitchen spaces flex to support holiday gatherings with thoughtful design including wine refrigeration. 

At Bentwood Luxury Kitchens, we manufacture cabinetry that stores, organizes and functions for home entertaining.  Our Dealer network of kitchen professionals can guide you in selecting the best luxury appliances for your next home project.  

Wine Keepers Make the Must Have Appliance List 

Sub-Zero Houston showroom
Image courtesy of Sub-Zero

A trend in kitchen design over the last couple of years is the wine refrigerator making it on the Must Have appliance listProtecting wine against heat, humidity, and light ensures wine integrity including taste and characterHaving wine ready to drink at the proper temperature is a convenience homeowners desire today. Below are key factors when reviewing wine refrigeration units.    

Bottle Storage  

From a 15-inch Undercounter unit that offers 24 bottle storage to a 30-inch Full-Size Column unit that offers 146 bottle storage, there is something for everyone!  Subzero wine refrigerators are well-known leaders in the market and visiting a showroom is a great place to learn more.   

Primary or Secondary Residence  

Vacation homes are now being upgraded with the same appliances as primary residences.  Lifestyle factors of convenience and familiarity come into play here.  

Footprint for Design and Usable Space   

With a full range of sizing, there is a unit that accommodates your personal design.  

Panel Ready Models for Custom Cabinetry Integration 

Luxury appliance manufacturers expand wine refrigeration units with panel-ready options to accommodate modern kitchen designs. 

Undercounter Wine Keepers are the Most Popular 

Undercounter wine refrigerator
Photography by Werner Straube

The most popular wine refrigerators are undercounter unitsWith 15-inch and 24-inch models, these are the perfect sizes for a Beverage Bar area.   

undercounter wine refrigerator closed and open
Photography by Werner Straube

Often undercounter wine, refrigerator, and ice maker units come together in this convenient location.  True Residential offers impressive products derived from their well-known commercial refrigeration business.  

Having dedicated beverage space plus storage for coordinating glassware and barware, is a real lifesaver!  

Full-Size Wine Columns are an Extension

of the Refrigeration Wall

full-size wine column
Photography by Werner Straube

Sometimes, the best wine refrigeration choice is a full-size wine column, available in 18, 24, and 30-inch widthsWine Columns are placed alongside the kitchen’s primary refrigerator and freezer for a statement-making refrigerator wall design element.   

full-size wine column
Photography by Morgan English

An award winning kitchen designed by Emily Martin Bentwood of Dallas shows this placement. 

From Designer, Shawna Roorda/Bentwood of Houston, a compact kitchen still has room for the wine column.   

full-size wine column
Photography by French Blue Photography
24 Inch-Built-In-Wine-Dispenser
Photo courtesy of courtesy of Dacor

A noteworthy appliance we have experienced is the Dacor Wine Dispenser. Perfect for having your favorite wine on hand. Plus it keeps your wine fresh for up to 60 days and offers a 4-bottle capacity!  

Dedicated Bar & Wine Room Opportunities

GE Monogram - Lucid Pantry
Image courtesy of Monogram Appliances

A dedicated space outside the kitchen for wine and bar provides huge opportunities.    

Here our friends from Monogram Appliances showcase a wine and refrigerator combination that is a convenient all-in-one unit consideration.   

home bar with wine column
Photography by Werner Straube

Designer Steve Karp/Bentwood of Chicago created a home bar that includes a wine column supporting both the kitchen and dining area.   

Custom Designs for Wine Lovers 

Wine room
Photography by Werner Straube

We understand that wine is personal and so is the vision for a residential wine room or cellarExtensive information gathering is needed to meet the function and deliver the WOW!   

built-in Subzero 30” Wine Columns
Photography by Werner Straube

When designing this award-winning Wine Room, Steve Karp specified two Subzero 30-inch Wine Columns for properly housing his client’s wine collection.   

Cabinetry details like the hidden wine glass storage were thoughtful design elements.  Luxury materials include brass, polished nickel and shagreen tiles that brought a stunning design to life.   

built-in hidden wine glass storage
Photography by Werner Straube

Cheers to the Holidays and Merry Gatherings

Best Holiday Wishes graphic

As you can see there is no shortage of luxury appliances to consider for your next kitchen, bar, or wine room project.  We understand why wine refrigeration units are gaining popularity and becoming essential.   

Since it is the celebrating season, we want to wish you Happy Holidays filled with good food, wine, and time spent with loved ones!  Cheers from your friends at Bentwood Luxury Kitchens.   

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Luxury Wine Refrigeration-- For the Love of Wine
From a festive open house to a formal dinner, kitchen spaces flex to support holiday gatherings with thoughtful design including wine refrigeration. Bentwood Luxury Kitchens manufactures cabinetry that stores, organizes, and functions for home entertaining.
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