Introducing Bentwood Cabinetry Full of European Elegance

Bentwood Cabinetry in the Monogram booth at KBIS 2023 Photo Courtesy of Monogram
March 29th, 2023

At Bentwood Luxury Kitchens we are extremely fortunate to work with some of the finest people in the kitchen and bath industry.  Over the years we have developed a special relationship with the team of Monogram Appliances and watched this company gather much attention and traction in the luxury appliance world.   

We also have had the pleasure of working with Monogram’s Creative Director, Richard Anuszkiewicz, in developing Bentwood custom cabinetry perfect for the Monogram KBIS Booths over the last four years. Richard’s designs exude the luxury lifestyle of today that has earned him top praise and awards from the industry.  

We are honored to be a part of a select group of partner vendors bringing the teams’ design visions to life.      

KBIS Monogram Osteria—A Fan-Favorite Experience 

Monogram KBIS 2023 booth
Photo Courtesy of Monogram

This year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas hit record attendance with 40,000 guests and 500 featured exhibitors. And it was no surprise that Monogram’s 2023 booth was a fan favorite again!   

Monogram’s Osteria theme pulled inspiration from the luxury world traveler and celebrated fine dining restaurant experiences. Richard and the Monogram team produced another luxury guest experience and product feature like no other! Congratulations to all!

Bentwood custom cabinetry was on full display in the Monogram Luxe and Lucid Kitchen environments.  What an impressive experience it was for those who were able to see our cabinetry integrated into full kitchen spaces.  

The overwhelming response from our Bentwood dealers was clear–how can we order this cabinetry?    

So let us make some proper introductions to the newest Bentwood door styles and finishes. 

Introducing the Villa Door Style 

John Laning

The Monogram Luxe Kitchen included a palette of warm, rich hues along with brass metal details creating European elegance.  

The Bentwood “Villa” door style played beautifully into this theme with substantially deeper profiles reflecting a Tuscan genre.   

The “Villa" Bentwood cabinetry
Photos Courtesy of Monogram

A continuous frame around the cabinetry offers a furniture detail that is both luxurious and estate worthy. The Plain Sliced white oak with “Seagrass stain has us thinking of an Italian Villa by the sea.  

Introducing the Venetian Door Style

Bentwood cabinetry Venetian Door Style
John Laning

Another Bentwood door style included in the Monogram Luxe Kitchen was the “Venetian” displayed on the new 36-inch Integrated Bottom Freezer RefrigeratorsThe timeless raised panel cabinetry door in handsome walnut with dark “Dolcichocolate stain was a real showstopper.  

side by side of refrigerator furniture armoires
Photos Courtesy of Monogram

The refrigerator armoires featured furniture profile drawers and decorative brass hardware for a grand statement!   

Richard’s signature red cabinetry interiors were another detail that continued to delight guests.   

Stylish Elegance 

Monogram_Lucid Kitchen
Photo Courtesy of Monogram

For the Monogram Lucid Kitchen, Richard’s modern point of view focused on minimalist geometry and cooler sophisticated tones. Dark metals included the new Titanium Designer Collection adding to the striking theme.    

The Bentwood “Giorgio” door style was a perfect fit in this custom-tailored space with clean lines and updated styling.     

Introducing the Giorgio Door Style

Bentwood cabinetry Giorgio Door Style
John Laning

This elegant door exudes high style with architectural framing detailsCherry wood is an unexpected star and lets the real beauty of the wood shine through with a “Platinum” stain finish.     

The “Giorgio” Bentwood cabinetry
Photos Courtesy of Monogram

Above, the “Giorgio” cabinetry has a perfectly modern furniture appeal and blends effortlessly with interior furnishings.   

Monogram_Lucid Pantry
Photo Courtesy of Monogram

In the Lucid Pantry, custom black-painted “Giorgio” cabinetry acts as a modern stylish backdrop. 

Bentwood Products Available Now through Dealer Network    

Bentwood Sales sheet for Italian cabinetry

We hope you had the chance to experience KBIS 2023 and visit Monogram Osteria which included Bentwood cabinetry. We invite you to work with your local dealer to explore these new door styles and finishes for your next project consideration.   

Find Inspiration Near You

Monogram Dining Room
Photo Courtesy of Monogram

Inspired to update your own space?  Click here to find your closest authorized Bentwood dealer. We’ll connect you with a designer in your area and get started with your vision right away! 

Not quite ready to begin a project? Look through our gallery to find inspiration and discover the beauty of Bentwood. 

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Introducing Bentwood Cabinetry Full of European Elegance
Bentwood Luxury Kitchen is honored to work with Monogram Appliances and Richard Anuszkiewicz in developing custom cabinetry perfect for the Monogram KBIS Booths. Here’s a look at 2023.
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