Pick Any Color from Sherwin-Williams for Your Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinets in SW colors Burgundy and Seaworthy Burgundy and Seaworthy
February 15th, 2023

We love utilizing paint as one of the many ways to customize luxury cabinetry. At Bentwood Luxury Kitchens, we are very fortunate to offer the Sherwin-Williams Paint match system for both Harmoni and Bentwood products. With so many choices, you’re sure to find paint colors that explore the many design possibilities. Some of our favorite paint colors are shared below on popular door styles that are worthy of your consideration for your next interior project.

Orleans Door Style in Dried Thyme
Dried Thyme
Orleans Door Style in Chinese Red
Chinese Red
Orleans Door style in Mineral Gray
Mineral Gray

For timeless projects, classic colors that have been repeated throughout history are great choices adding depth and exuding design confidence. The Orleans door is an elegant door that transforms beautifully with a full range of paint colors.    

Colors for Cabinetry and Room Interiors that Look Perfectly Updated

Kitchen cabinets painted in Dutch Tile Blue SW Color match
Dutch Tile Blue
Kitchen cabinets painted in Vogue Green SW Color match
Vogue Green

Currently, shades of green and blue are popular and a great choice for cabinetry in today’s home remodeling projects. Warm shades of beige, tan, and blush are also relevant when paired with stronger orange and red tones to create a balanced fresh palette.    

Moderne Door Style Cabinet in Seaworthy
Moderne Door Style in Jazz Coral
Jazz Coral
Moderne Door Style in Wild Currant
Wild Currant

Updated paint color on the Moderne door reflects positive energy and complements grounding colors of white, gray, and black for contemporary projects. 

Rooms Outside the Kitchen Deserve Color, Too 

Laundry room in Redenpoint SW color
Laundry room in Evergreen Fog SW color
Evergreen Fog

Softer paint shades for the laundry, bath, and closet, look and feel a little more special than basic white. Luxury design today reflects the homeowner’s style including utilizing the power of paint in the overall room.   

Biltmore Door style in Kestrel White
Kestrel White
Biltmore Door Style in Redend Point
Redend Point
Biltmore Door style in Dutch Tile Blue
Dutch Tile Blue

The Biltmore door looks fabulous with subtle paint colors and highlights fresh cabinetry details. A terrific selection that goes beyond the shaker door for a more customized offering. This style is perfect for luxury residences.

Fresh Paint Color for Cabinetry and Home Interiors

Kitchen cabinet in Wild Currant SW color
Wild Currant
Kitchen cabinet in Mineral Gray SW color
Mineral Gray

As a premium cabinetry manufacturer, we understand how to produce a factory-painted finish that stands up to Kitchen and Bath usage. Our finishing process for both Harmoni and Bentwood creates luxury cabinetry that will stand the test of time. That is why we proudly offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our finishes. With over 1,700 Sherwin Williams interior paint colors offered as standard choices, we predict more colorful cabinetry will be shipping from our factory this year.  

Elegante Door Style in Burgundy
Elegante Door Style in Vogue Green
Vogue Green
Elegante Door Style in Evergreen Fog
Evergreen Fog

One of our newest and most popular doors is the Elegante. With minimal framing detail, it has a fresh personality just perfect for showing off color and unique hardware. 

It’s a Colorful Custom World   

Butler's Pantry with cabinets in Navy blue paint
Werner Straube

Theres no question that color is an important design element in home interiors today.  Clients want the choice to personalize cabinetry, appliances, plumbing, lighting, hard surfaces, and furniture, as part of the luxury residential design world. At Bentwood Luxury Kitchens, we want to encourage the use of paint color for custom cabinetry and have partnered with a leader in the industry to expand a rainbow of product offerings for you.  

Find Inspiration Near You

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Pick Any Color from Sherwin-Williams for Your Cabinetry
We love utilizing paint as one of the many ways to customize luxury cabinetry. With so many choices, you’re sure to find a color for your next interior project.
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