Project Checklist for your Kitchen Remodel

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January 9th, 2020

At Bentwood Luxury Kitchens, we often talk to homeowners who are ready to begin a remodeling project, but aren’t sure who to engage and how this process ‘all works.’  The size of your project will speak to the level of assistance required and materials / services needed to see it to completion. We’ve found that a kitchen remodel checklist is a great place to start as you do your homework of exploring current products, materials, and appliances, so you have a place to start and come away with your initial ‘Must-Haves’ List.

For a visual reference we suggest you save kitchen project images you like to start defining your style and material preferences. Save these images in a designated file to make this easier. This will be a key resource when you sit down with the professionals who will assist with your project.

Remember, you don’t have to become an expert here—that’s your team member’s job, but you do need to share your preferences, give a budget, and discuss what is most important to you and your family for the best possible outcome.

A Helpful Checklist is key to defining your scope of work and knowing who will be doing what for your project. Each of these below areas makes up a basic kitchen remodel project budget.

Kitchen Remodel Project Checklist

1. CONSTRUCTION — General Contractor or Design-Build Firm

  • Requesting permits
  • Space planning
  • Demo & preparing space
  • Floor installation
  • Electrical service
  • Painting
  • Coordinating resource trades

This will be your primary team leader, so make sure you have a clear line of communication and expectations are clearly defined.

Contractors rely on accurate plans and good communication to make sure your kitchen remodel project moves along smoothly and delivers the right finished product.

2. CABINETRY — Kitchen Showroom or Cabinetry Provider

  • Kitchen design
  • CAD drawings
  • Cabinetry & matching millwork
  • Internal accessories
  • Hardware
  • Installation
  • Countertop and splash material selections including fabrication details
  • Plumbing, and how it integrates to kitchen design
  • Final appliance selection
  • Any custom kitchen components like a hood, metal shelving, and wood tops

Your kitchen is an intricate room that should look beautiful AND function for how you live! Engaging a professional who can design and layout your space is worthy of the retainer, which is usually 100% applicable to the cabinetry order.

Make sure you receive a sample from the cabinet manufacturer’s current wood stock and approve stain and or paint colors before placing your order. Professional cabinetry installation offered through your cabinetry provider will save you time and avoid costly mistakes– they know their product best and take full responsibility. Ask about product warranties and any future service.

3. APPLIANCES — Appliance Experience Showroom or Retailer

  • Range/cooktop/oven/microwave
  • Hood
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigeration
  • Coffee station
  • Wine keeper
  • Delivery, installation, and service support

Appliance retailers and manufacturer experience centers both offer personalized service in selecting the best appliances for your project.

We suggest taking a Chef Demo Class for narrowing down the many options and models. This is a low-pressure environment to see appliances at work and ask your questions; and yes, you will be served delicious food and wine as part of the experience!

4. PLUMBING — Plumbing Experience Showroom or Retailer

  • Sink
  • Faucet
  • Disposal
  • Accessories like built-in water filtration & matching soap dispenser

It is important to see plumbing products up close and personal. 

Closely examine the quality, function, and finish of fixtures since they are prominent in your kitchen and heavily used. Can you wash your largest pot/tray in the sink? Review optional accessories like the sink grate that save strain on your back!

5. LIGHTING — Lighting Showroom or Lighting Retailer

  • Decorative lighting fixtures
  • Ceiling/ task lighting options

Finding that perfect linear chandelier you saw on line is exciting, but will it work in your space? What size should you order? And yes, the light bulbs are usually extra. Today, lightbulbs are often specified with lumens (the amount of light emitted) instead of watts (the amount of power consumed)– feel free to ask for help!

In addition, a lighting plan from your kitchen designer or general contractor is a must-have so your beautiful fixture is perfectly centered over your dining table or large island. Make sure fixtures are dimmable, and you have enough chain for installation.

6. COUNTERTOP & SPLASH — Stone Showroom or Tile Retailer

  • Countertop slabs in natural or engineered stone
  • Backsplash in stone or tile
  • Fabrication and installation

For countertop material, we suggest you go to the stone warehouse and personally look at slabs.

It is one thing to look at a small sample, another thing entirely to see a whole slab, and think about how this will look on your island.

In addition, you can review different finishes like honed, satin, or polished. You will need a reputable fabricator who will both fabricate the stone to the kitchen plan details and provide professional installation.

Tile showrooms typically just sell the product— your general contractor usually assists with installation.

7. INTERIOR DESIGNER — Independent Designer (Optional)

  • Furniture
  • Decorative lighting
  • Accessories, stone/tile selections
  • Paint colors, and final material selections

Additional services include:

  • Furniture layout
  • Custom furniture design
  • Lighting plans
  • Selecting art pieces
  • Room stylizing

Interior Designers are creative Trade professionals who can purchase directly from manufacturers for you. They can quickly identify products and materials for your review, come to your home, and save hours of your time.

Why Doing Your Homework Matters

Many components make up a kitchen remodel project, so doing a little homework is important in deciding which products and services are a priority when developing your project budget.

Hiring the right professionals who are willing to coordinate with other trades on your project and communicate with your best interest are usually worth the cost.

“A” List Professionals Represent:

  • Quality products
  • Fine design
  • Client service
  • Problem-solving
  • Excellent craftsmanship

Find Inspiration Near You

Are you starting a new project and looking for some inspiration and creative ideas for your space? Look through our gallery to discover some of our finished projects.

You can also stop by one of our showrooms for more inspiration. Or if you’re ready to start a project, click here to set up a personal consultation to explore the possibilities for your home. We’ll connect you with a designer in your area and start on your vision right away!

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