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Hunkering Down at Home – Cook from Your Pantry and Feel Good!

cook from pantry

This time, we're excited to have Stephanie Karp with Ingrid Baltasi, both from Bentwood of Chicago share their knowledge of cooking and experience in making great home-cooked meals. Let's dig in: Like many of you now, I am working from home today and for the foreseeable future. And since we have gained a couple of extra hours by not commuting, how could we spend that time? For me, the answer is always cooking. It’s my happy time. Making a homemade meal is very satisfying, and right now, this is something positive I can offer up. Best of all, pantry items are a great go-to for the home cook to get dinner on the table with ease!

So, whether you did a big shop to fill the pantry or have a plan to shop by need, there are some wonderful staples that most of us have in the pantry, freezer, or fridge. Soups, stews, and pasta dishes are the ultimate comfort food, and although Spring is on the way, there is still a little chill in the air. Here are a few of our favorites we would like to share with you!

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March 25, 2020
Exclusively Bentwood

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