An Imaginative Modern Home

Modern Home Photo by Wade Blissard
March 9th, 2022

When Houston Interior Designer Allison Redepenning was engaged for a new residential construction project, she called in Shawna Roorda at Bentwood of Houston to discuss the kitchen vision for this modern home.  Having worked together before, Allison knew she was in very capable hands. And with a wide range of materials and customization from Bentwood Luxury Kitchens available, she was confident of a stunning outcome.

Richard Mogas Architects was the creative force behind this two-story modern home, with Scott Frasier Homes providing the build on this highly personalized home.  It is clear that this professional “A-team” successfully embraced the client’s vision and delivered a dramatic new living space in the prestigious Houston neighborhood.

Expansive Linear Kitchen Design

Photo by Wade Blissard

With the house maximizing its linear lot size, the kitchen becomes a central connector hub to the rest of the space, allowing plenty of room for family living and comfortable entertaining.

A large industrial beam directs the eye to the open living area and backyard, and then to the opposite front entry with a beautiful open staircase.

Either way you look, you are in for a visual treat. The well-designed kitchen space is not just another pretty face, it’s also packed with function that easily supports multiple serving areas. It is all just steps away from the main kitchen.

Dramatic Kitchen Island Opportunity

Photo by Wade Blissard

A definite star of this linear space, the large kitchen island fits perfectly into the design.  The seating side of the island allows for a comfortable counter stool to be pulled up in the middle of the action, while the working side of the island is built for the convenience of the home chef.

Dramatic natural quartzite stone top the Bentwood cabinetry for a stunning display that is both user-friendly and beautiful.

Luxury Appliances for a Modern Kitchen

Photo by Wade Blissard

Other stars of this kitchen are top-performing luxury appliances that support both quick family meals and formal dinner parties.  A Wolf™ rangetop, wall steam oven, and wall convection oven are at the top of the list when it comes to cooking and baking performance.

The Subzero™ Refrigerator and Freezer with Integrated Panels are perfect selections for this modern home style as well as offering performance and longevity to the kitchen.

Complementing Materials and Finishes

Photo by Wade Blissard

When designing this very personalized space that included a bold color palette, the custom cabinetry materials required some careful consideration.

Natural walnut was a winning material selection that complements the overall design and highlights the beauty of this sequence-matched material.

The contrasting high gloss acrylic on the working side of the island also fits perfectly into the material composition.

modern kitchen
Photo by Wade Blissard

Raise a Glass to Modern Home Entertaining

Photo by Wade Blissard

Opposite the large kitchen is the equally impressive bar and wine storage areas, perfect for home entertaining.

We love how the painted navy cabinetry looks with the nickel screen detail. This custom-designed bar space also perfectly compliments the homeowner’s fun neon sign.

Modern Design For Outdoor Living

Photo by Wade Blissard

Head on out to the covered outdoor living area and mix up a cool cocktail.  The thoughtful design allows the residents of this southern home to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

modern home
Photo by Wade Blissard

Artful Living + Modern Design

Photo by Wade Blissard

Another very important component to incorporate into the custom home design was the client’s art collection.

We just had to share what is possible with the right creative team in place.

Photo by Wade Blissard

This Modern Home Is Something To Celebrate

Photo by Wade Blissard

All we can say is congratulations to all involved on this stunning project. We are so honored to have been a part of and share this fabulous project.

What a great example of authentic design, creative layout, visual energy, and positive perspective!

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